Gilman Performance Systems


Facilitation and Your Best Meeting


GPS Facilitators use their own professional experience to promote and achieve the highest standard results through interactive meetings that meet goals, inspire dialogue, and encourage participants.


GPS Meeting and Facilitation Services Focus on:

  • annual/department meeting review and planning
  • Strategic and operational planning, strategy roadmap
  • Process improvement/design, change leadership
  • Critical problem solving
  • Innovation/new product idea generation
  • Project planning/implementation
  • Partner or client meetings

Facilitated Meetings by Gilman Performance Systems, Inc. have proven to:

  • Increase listening and promote open communication
  • Reduce subjectiveness and preconceived judgments
  • Improve relations between departments, internal/external customers
  • Leverage the diversity of experience, personalities, and talent
  • Improve overall meeting skills and learn to apply useful tools in any situation
  • Provide “ownership” and “accountability” for actions

Our focus is to improve your meetings from the day of facilitation forward. Throughout this process we aim to:

  • Improve flow and interaction using specific group process tools
  • Blend fun and tasks as needed
  • Allow for right level of interaction with planned breakouts
  • Compile information generated by participants, next steps, and follow-up

"You and your team did a great job at the MPI event last Wednesday! I would definitely recommend you to any of our clients looking for fun and creative team building experiences. Hope to see you again at our property soon!"


Team Facilitation

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Corporate Facilitation

Use the GPS Advantage to get the Best out of Your Meeting!

"Thank you for a terrific evening last night. The program was first rate - great content - customized for industry, perfectly timed, good interaction. Thanks again for a great experience!"

-Carolyn Browning,
MPI Chapter President

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