is the process of guiding the participants toward the desired goals by following the agenda.

GPS Meeting and Facilitation Services Focus on:

  • Annual/department meeting review and planning
  • Strategic and operational planning, strategy roadmap
  • Process improvement/design, change leadership
  • Critical problem solving
  • Innovation/new product idea generation
  • Project planning/implementation
  • Partner or client meetings

Facilitated Meetings by Gilman Performance Systems, Inc. have proven to:

  • Increase listening and promote open communication
  • Reduce subjectiveness and preconceived judgments
  • Improve relations between departments, internal/external customers
  • Leverage the diversity of experience, personalities, and talent
  • Improve overall meeting skills and learn to apply useful tools in any situation
  • Provide “ownership” and “accountability” for actions

Our focus is to improve your meetings from the day of facilitation forward. Throughout this process we aim to:

  • Improve flow and interaction using specific group process tools
  • Blend fun and tasks as needed
  • Allow for right level of interaction with planned breakouts
  • Compile information generated by participants, next steps, and follow-up


Your Best Meeting

Meeting Design Facilitation and Team Building