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The GPS Advantage: Sales Meetings that Grow Sales

GPS is an acknowledged leader in helping clients improve sales force productivity. We create and facilitate sales meetings and workshops designed so that salespeople and sales managers have the skills that will help them sell better!

Whether you require design and execution of an annual / regional sales meeting, a workshop designed to enhance specific selling skills, a critical product presentation, or an interactive breakout, our team will help your sales team shorten the sales cycle by training them to sell more effectively, efficiently and intelligently.

With consultants who have led national sales departments, we know the importance of high energy meetings that involve all participants and produce results…by the end of the meeting and in terms of sales production after the meeting.

Turning Productivity into Profitability

Many companies are challenged to increase sales force productivity, deal with new competitive threats and missed revenue goals that pressure company’s profitability goals. GPS will help your sales team overcome many of the key barriers to sales, improving overall productivity and building profitability.

Our innovative approach with regard to sales meetings will help your team resolve critical sales issues.

More Effective Meetings Mean More Effective Salespeople

Gilman Performance Systems focuses on four key areas critical to the effectiveness of your sales team and to the successful outcome of your sales meeting. These four areas include:

Sales Meeting Design

We design sales meetings with one primary objective: to “raise the bar” in attaining greater sales results. Your sales meetings will be thought-provoking, interactive and challenging. More important, the skills learned in meetings designed by GPS can be put into action immediately!

We offer turnkey meeting design services:

The right meeting design will encourage participants to be fully engaged, solve roadblocks, find creative ways to shorten sales cycles and inspire each other to sell at a higher level than before.

Skills Development

GPS workshops improve the skills needed to be an effective sales organization. In today’s information age, buyers are more informed than ever before.  Effective selling, therefore, is contingent upon communicating the right information in the most effective manner, thereby influencing purchase decisions.

Our skill development programs include:

All GPS Classes may be customized to meet your requirements.

Team Building: Serious and/or Fun

GPS offers more than forty different team building activities that strengthen sales team effectiveness that impact achieving key objectives. Using high-energy facilitation techniques that offer challenge and fun, we help your salespeople work effectively as a team to accelerate sales growth, especially cross-functionally.

Marketing and Sales Forces or Teams working together more cohesively and proactively.

From new product or service development to logistics, to IT and Finance, working effectively as a true team delivers greater sales production.

Sales Meeting Focused Facilitation

GPS can provide your sales meeting with expert facilitators who know how to maintain enthusiasm and participation from your team throughout the meeting. Many of our facilitators come from the world of sales and understand how to keep agendas focused by opening up discussions, and bringing out ideas.

Our facilitator’s key role can help senior sales managers get the most out of their sales meetings by

Looking to get more sales from your next sales meeting? Discover the GPS Advantage. We’ll help you deliver a sales meeting that will deliver real sales results.

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Serving Clients

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